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Frequently asked questions about selling a car to us:

Do we really buy junk cars?
This is all we do!

What if my car still works? Will you still buy it?
Yes! Running or not we will still buy it. If you need cash in your hands today and have a car to sell, we are your answer

How fast can you pick up my car?
Normally within the next 24-48 hours. We do have same day services in some areas.

What happens to my car?
It depends. Most cars we buy are used for scrape or parted out.

Do we take any car?
If you have the title, we can buy your car. If you have lost your title you can apply for a duplicate title in most states.

Can my car  be hauled from a public road/highway?
For the most part yes. Depending on state and city ordinances we may not be able to. This is rare in some cases.

I don’t have the keys, will you still buy my car?
We like to have the keys, but its not a deal breaker.

I have an abandoned car on my property will you buy it?
Every state varies on how to deal with abandoned cars. Please call you local police non-emergency number. They will help you.

I have the title, but its not in my name, can I still sell you my car?
The title needs to be signed over to you first or the person who the car is titled in needs to sign it over.

Do I need to be there when you pick up my car?
Typically, yes. This makes the process faster and smoother, but in some cases you don’t have to be.

I just put new (insert part here) on my car, will it increase your offer?
Depending on the part it might, but most likely it will not.

My question isn’t listed here, what should I do? Contact us and we will try and help the best we can.